A More Effective IT Infrastructure Staffing Agency

To stay competitive and keep your company’s proprietary information secure, your organization needs great IT infrastructure professionals – the best talent the industry has to offer. Competent and technical IT candidates that work well for your team can be difficult to find. Most contingency search methods do not produce optimal results. Why?

Most IT staffing companies work in volume and recruiters make quotas so quality is compromised. Generally these companies will lower their fees to attract multiple customers and bog you down with resumes, putting the recruiting process back on your team. In your world time is money and every minute outside your core business is wasted.



But it doesn’t have to be that way:

At GeauxSource, our expertise is identifying top-performing professionals you won’t see on the market for IT infrastructure roles. We look far beyond technology and go to great lengths to ensure that you have the most qualified candidates.

GeauxSource’s track record in IT infrastructure staffing speaks for itself: we average one to two hires for every three resumes submitted and have a 98 percent referral rate.


Here’s why:

  • GeauxSource is micro-focused on IT Infrastructure only. This allows us to zero in on top performers faster than anybody else.
  • No job boards. Our database of candidates is filled with domain experts.
  • GeauxSource does its homework. We vet candidates to ensure they will be successful in their role and are a fit for each manager AND company culture.

The right fit reduces cost-per-hire and turnover and helps companies get the largest return for their time and investment.

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